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Restraining Order Process in California : Posted by: Admin on December 7 2019 13:50:56.

Restraining orders in California A restraining order can be necessary when you feel that someone is threatening you, stalking you, or your life is in danger. Getting a restraining order means that the person you file against has to. By law, stay away from you, or else they will go to jail as they have been ordered by the court to do so. ......read more

Spousal Support : Posted by: Admin on November 6 2019 07:52:29.

Spousal Support in California. When two people fall in love and stand in front of a father and utter the words, “I do,” they never think of separation or divorce. It might seem harsh, but in many marriages, divorce is inevitable, and the only way out. There are cases where, despite the tireless efforts of a couple, a marriage just ......read more


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